Friday, July 18, 2008

The Butler Institute of American Art exhibition

I have been MIA for a while preparing for this next big show of new works for The Butler, a great gem of American Art in Youngstown, OH. It is about an hour from Cleveland and an hour north of Pittsburgh, so if you are in the area on September 14th it would be great to see you at the opening from 2 to 4. The show is running through October 26th. My works are gaining in size and depth-with more texture, color and explorations with the kaolin clay. It has been a long year of creating new works which range from large works on paper to small textural abstract paintings centered on the theme, "Becoming Human". Here are some details as well from "Two Worlds".

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Anonymous said...

Hello Cathie,

I just opened a book AIS vol. 11 from quite a few years ago when represented by Cobb & Friend.

I am in San Marcos, TX with my art career now in painting, and so am looking to enlist in some sort of illustrative work if possible.

Your Two Worlds work is interesting and very much in step with Romantic Raucous, pg 301.

Congrats on all your success.