Thursday, April 19, 2018

Announcing 2018 Earth Day Image for the U.S. State Department
April 22, 2018

Preserve the Earth 2018: 
Protect Marine Species from Ocean Debris

Each year the U.S. State Dept. commissions an artist for it's Earth Day Poster which gets distributed around the world through its embassies (not available to the public aside from the 100 posters they give the artist). This years poster is about micro plastics and its effect on not only marine life but also birdlife. A 2016 United Nations report found that over 800 marine animal species are affected by marine debris ingestion or entanglement. I produced the Earth Day image in 2007 and was thrilled to be asked again to do a painting for the U.S. State Dept, especially for a topic so close to my heart.  

This poster is artist signed in a numbered edition of 100; exquisitely printed on a 4 color press. The original artwork was created by artist Cathie Bleck using clay board, pigments and inks. The paper is medium weight and hangs vertically 20.25” x 31.25” available only unframed. The backside of the poster displays information on plastic debris and a guide to the animals featured on the front. Featured animals include baleen whale, whale shark, bottlenose dolphin, manatee, sea lions and seals, sea turtle, rays, albatross, pelican and sea birds. Many people enjoy discovering hidden creatures in my work, so I won't spoil it by revealing all the animals.

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Earth Day Image 2007
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Due to an unfortunate "Malware" attack we are resurrecting this Blog temporarily, providing links to Exhibitions and Projects ::

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Art 360 Project :: Ohio traveling museum exhibition 2016, 2017

"Avance" Chicago :: Firecat Projects 2015

US Postage Stamp Release "Flower" 2015

Mural Commission :: Oregon :: Chapter 24 Winery

"Rarely Home"  Cleveland :: Maria Neil Art Project 2014

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Light Seeking Eyes Interview  by Irene Hardwicke Olivieri :: Cathie Bleck 2014

"frAGILITY" Chicago :: Packer Schopf Gallery 2013

US Postage Stamp Release "Deer" 2013

Juxtapoz Interview by Gwyneth Vitello :: Cathie Bleck 2012


Mathew Namour Gallerie, Montreal

Bonfoey Gallery, Cleveland

Wolfs Fine Paintings and Sculptures

Saturday, December 25, 2010

WomanArtists@NewBritainMuseum Exhibition

It was an honor to be included in the first exhibition featuring women artists from the permanent collection of The New Britain Museum of American near Hartford, CT which opened December 18th, 2010. The exhibition consists of 80 works selected from over 600 by women artists and will be on view through March 20. I was fortunate to be out east after the New Year and able to check out this memorable show.

Excerpt from The New Britain Museum of American Art exhibition catalogue:

“The Peninsula, 2005” : 12”x24” :Inks on scratchboard

Collection of The New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT


Cathie Bleck explores the same conceptual territory. The swirling and interpenetrating forms of The Peninsula (fig. 49) expose an earthly bestieary enveloped within a floral world, the spatial complexity of which suggests cosmic motion. Lyrically stylized forms, painstaking cut into scratchboard, relay on intense contrasts of tone and imagery to evoke equal doses of fear and charm. Humans are present but do not dominate. All species are challenged to establish equilibrium in a world of constant change.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Meta Gallery : Toronto : Group Exhibition "Phantasmagoria"

I feel really honored to be showing with several of my favorite artists in this show. Joining me will be Ray Ceasar, Dean Chamberlain, Andrew Jones, Kris Kuksi, Paul Laffoley, and Mars-1. I am looking forward to the opening this Friday, July 9th from 7-10pm and joining me will be Ray Ceasar and Kris Kuksi who is traveling up from Kansas. Meta Gallery has moved to a new prime location in the heart of the Arts district in Toronto.

This piece is the largest black and white piece that I have attempted in scratchboard, which is also called clay board in wood panel form. Here are some dimensional details from the piece.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Works : Aqua Wynward, Art Basel week Miami with Murphy Fine Arts

I have been celebrating this moment in my life for all that is encompassing me- I am wrapped in chaos, love, long enduring relationships with my entire loving family; my husband of 27 years, George and our three children all on the cusp of adulthood as well as my extended family of many and close dear friends. Within this sphere I am celebrating how fortunate I have been to reach this pinnacle moment. Through a great deal of dedication, tribulation, patience, laughter and trust I have learned that it is worth it to hang in there and thankful for following my intuition. These three pieces for this upcoming show in Miami came from this place. The driving force of my work is the noble and sensual mysteries of life--humility and awe in the face of nature; reverence for the passions of selflessness; finding joy and love in discovery; and the moral clash between opposing world views. Here are a few details from the Art Basel week show, Aqua Wynwood in Miami this December. Happy Holidays and may you share many days striving to help all those around you achieve peace.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Los Angeles : "Undercurrents" : Billy Shire Fine Arts : Sept 09

This exhibition, "Undercurrents" was my first large exhibition on the west coast with over 30 recent works. Some of my family was able to make it and share in the joy. Pictured here are my son James Muschler, my neice actress Kathrynn Cobbs and her pal photographer Robb Rosenfeld. My sister Marilynn Cobbs and her family all came out as well as my husband, George Muschler. I shared the space with Don Fritz and Jenn Perreca, who's work was amazing. The image above is a detail from "Inheritance", a work on paper with kaolin clay, flowers and inks. Thanks to Mark Murphy for the nice interview which you can check out Here.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Kokeshi Show-From Folk Art to Art Toy

"Sweet Slumber" at rest. I will be shipping my doll to the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles soon. The show was curated by the LATDA (Los Angeles Toy, Doll and Amusements Museum and Christina Conway) The dolls are being sold through JANM at the start of the show in July. There are over 100 international artists contributing a custom Kokeshi dolls.

The show runs from July 11 through October 4, 2009.
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