Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Works : Aqua Wynward, Art Basel week Miami with Murphy Fine Arts

I have been celebrating this moment in my life for all that is encompassing me- I am wrapped in chaos, love, long enduring relationships with my entire loving family; my husband of 27 years, George and our three children all on the cusp of adulthood as well as my extended family of many and close dear friends. Within this sphere I am celebrating how fortunate I have been to reach this pinnacle moment. Through a great deal of dedication, tribulation, patience, laughter and trust I have learned that it is worth it to hang in there and thankful for following my intuition. These three pieces for this upcoming show in Miami came from this place. The driving force of my work is the noble and sensual mysteries of life--humility and awe in the face of nature; reverence for the passions of selflessness; finding joy and love in discovery; and the moral clash between opposing world views. Here are a few details from the Art Basel week show, Aqua Wynwood in Miami this December. Happy Holidays and may you share many days striving to help all those around you achieve peace.

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Bri Hermanson said...

Just lovely. What an amazing, emotive figure. I love the peacock feathers and the subtle, liminal nature of those swans. You continue to be such an inspiration, Cathie, in both your incredible work and your outlook on life.