Thursday, April 19, 2018

Announcing 2018 Earth Day Image for the U.S. State Department
April 22, 2018

Preserve the Earth 2018: 
Protect Marine Species from Ocean Debris

Each year the U.S. State Dept. commissions an artist for it's Earth Day Poster which gets distributed around the world through its embassies (not available to the public aside from the 100 posters they give the artist). This years poster is about micro plastics and its effect on not only marine life but also birdlife. A 2016 United Nations report found that over 800 marine animal species are affected by marine debris ingestion or entanglement. I produced the Earth Day image in 2007 and was thrilled to be asked again to do a painting for the U.S. State Dept, especially for a topic so close to my heart.  

This poster is artist signed in a numbered edition of 100; exquisitely printed on a 4 color press. The original artwork was created by artist Cathie Bleck using clay board, pigments and inks. The paper is medium weight and hangs vertically 20.25” x 31.25” available only unframed. The backside of the poster displays information on plastic debris and a guide to the animals featured on the front. Featured animals include baleen whale, whale shark, bottlenose dolphin, manatee, sea lions and seals, sea turtle, rays, albatross, pelican and sea birds. Many people enjoy discovering hidden creatures in my work, so I won't spoil it by revealing all the animals.

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